Monday, October 21, 2013


OOOO.... I had the fun at canzine. I spent most of the time sitting at my own distro table (look mum!) and felt that I left the confines of the table I would end up spending money that I don't have. I did leave the table and I get some really cool stuff. I got the new Yard Sale! from the creator Harley you can see his stuff at his etsy store.  I found a zine all about dead pro-wrestlers, very cool! I ran into an comic drawing friend from Hamilton, Josh Rosen who donated some of his work to the library.  I got a few other this there, like way too many arty postcards and some other neat zines that I plan on reviewing here on this blog. yeah! oh and BP gave away little paper bags at the door filled with flyers, and stickers, and buttons. The one price of advertising material that most folks found strange and kinda dumb was a shoe horn..... OMG I have been wanting one for such a long time!

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