Monday, March 31, 2008

New Ontario Titles

Down To Earth 2
Zine from Saint Cathrines found at Mixed Media, has an advert for Food not Bombs Niagra! woot woot!

Down To Earth 3
Zine from Saint Cathrines found at Mixed Media

New Titles From the East!

Building an Fm Broadcasting Station
simple diy instructions to get on the air!

DIY Comix
by: Shawn Granton
Guide to self publishing yer picture stories
freebie found in Halifax!

Can You Spot a Nazi
by: Fredericton ARA
little pamph i found, by the now defunked Fredericton anit fa

Neighborhood Policing
by:Collective Opposed to Police Brutality (Montreal)

Myths About Unions

found this little ditty at HCAP but it turned out to be from Ontario, fancy that!

Joy of Cooking Humans
by:Natalie Slater
heh heh heh finally a cookbook fer us zombies!

Ink Storm Screen Printing Collective
by:Ink Storm Screen Printing Collective
an orientation pamph from the print collective which is housed at at the anchor archive

more new titles coming soon!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Chebucto House Library

this is the Chebucto House Library, an house library full of goodness. I'll be bringing back some great titles from this place. I also had a chance to visit the Anchor Archive and dropped off some hamilton zines you all are famous!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Aboriginal Struggle titles

Wanna learn all about recent native struggles? These new titles will give you a great start on yer learning path. Including an anti-2010 guide.

BC Native Blockades & Direct Actions From the 80s to 2006
by Warrior Publications
Listings of all BC and Solidarity native actions. Wow.

No Olympics on stolen land!
By Warrior Publications
news about the 2010 resistance in BC

This Land is not for sale
by Warrior Publications
an overview of the BC Treaty Process

Fuck 2010!
anti-2010 olympix mini-manual
by anonymous

New Titles this week.....

The Continuing Appeal of Nationalism
by Fredy Perlman

Until All Are Free
The Trial Statment of Ray Luc Leasseur
by Ray Luc Leasseur
I am reading this one at the moment, very inspiring. Although written in 1989 about events which let to his arrest, I find it still relevant.

Race, Anarchy, and Punk Rock
by anonymous

War on Misery
a good quick inspiring read for anarchists and lovers of the revolution alike.

Queer Safe
by Mary Potter Safe
sex tips for real sex, all genders and all sexualities included. Even I learned things. This is not your government issue sex info pamphlet.

This time we fight back
radical green anarchy.... Jensen interview included.

Love Yourself
By Mike Long
local made Hamilton Zine! Yay!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Title blog

I was brain stormin' a way to let folks know when there are new titles and what the new titles are and this blog is what I came up with. so every time come back from a rad punk rawk show or a new info shop from far away with new titles in my hot little hand. hey I'll even post reviews here.... oooo be excited.