Monday, December 13, 2010

Moving Day

Just to let to you we have and official move in date for our new digs!
Monday Jan. 24!
stay tuned for updates!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

you are in the right place!

Hey Hey Hey, Don't worry yer pretty little head, you are in the right place. Hamilton Zine Library has had a location and name change to The Arrow Archive in Guelph. We are under going a few changes so hang tight and we will get our shit back together soon! and we have a new email! woot woot! Who loves the cyber paper trail!

and for you who are new: Arrow Archive originally opened in The Steel City (Hamilton, Ontario) as The Hamilton Zine Library. HZL opened in fall 2007 at the Sky Dragon Center based on a small personal collection. The HZL made a reluctant but needed move in fall 2010. The Arrow Archive now lives and thrives in Guelph, Ontario. The Arrow has now grown to over 900 titles and is still growing.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

London Circle A Bookfair

A visit to the first annual London bookfair brought home a few new titles and the need to create a new category: Race. Picked up so real good stuff, Please pass the privilege and Kill Me if You Can, Fool are just a few new titles to grace this new category. the zine library still isn't on the shelves at GERCED but I have her here next to me every night. Late November maybe the grand opening.... I wish it could be sooner believe me it is quite cumbersome to live with over 900 zines in yer bedroom.,and that's not including my personal collection.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We've Moved

Good and Bad news:
The library has a new home in Guelph Resource Center for Gender Empowerment and Diversity. oh it's a nice little space with a bigger library with a woman's studies focus. The zine library which is going though a few changes at the moment will keep its independence and be open during GRCGED hours.
What do you do with donations or item returns....???? Soon there with a basket in the basement of the sky drgaon for that purpose.
Also we will be working on a name change.....working on a few ideas... if you got any comment here!
Also would like to take this chance to thanks the Hamilton Community for giving HZL a place in yer hearts. What ever form that this zine library takes it's home town will always be Hamilton The Steel City. Keep reading, Keep creating. Zinesters foreva.

Ps. fag punk is almost in its tenth issue.... contact to get a copy in the mail!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Anchor Archive sent us mail!

Anchor Archive sent us a package to commemorate July 2010 as Zine Month here is the postcard. and this is what it said. and these are the zines! they will be in the stacks as soon as i can get them cataloged.

Monday, August 16, 2010

by the way

both issues of lickity spilt are missing.......!!!!

bring them back!!!!!!

long time no post

still alive in Hamilton!
sy loady has sent us a package with a coloring book for the broken hearted replacement! oooo thanks sy! still missing a few other titles but i think these are long gone...

have noticed that there is no membership sign up list.... will get one there asap. haven't added any new titles in a long long time but there are some... they are in a stack in a diffrent city.... will get them on the shelves soon.

thanks for stopping by and read more zines!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Missing Zines

so a list has been made, if you know where i can find copies of these zines let me know, if you have the library's copies laying around at yer house let me know.....
i have many thoughts on why these are the titles missing, some one found it offensive, super cool, or just forgot to return, all of which are not reasons to keep other library patrons form accessing material....any way here goes:

The List of missing zines....
1. vivisection:science or sham (found) to nature by kriss foster
3.Bots, Bolts,&Birds 1 and 2 by jesse rayburn
4.Tag Font by Mirko Kuruc
5. coloring book of the broken hearted by sy loady(found)
6.trains, bikes, and automobiles by ten foot rule with surplus in excess by sy loady (found!)
8. free society
9.with love from me to you
10.we need to eat (found!)
11.walking the edge of sanity
12. stories of the raccoon/bear people
13.upping the anti #2
14.Green Nazi
15.Auto Struggles
16. Baby I'm a manarchist
17. black heart #6
18 if death comes #5

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Drawing nite!

come out and draw with us!


The Hamilton Zine Library has finally finished the auditing process and is back on its shelves (gosh! surry it took soooooo long) and ready to be read, there is a list of a few missing zines that I am going to post here soon and will be searching them out....Out of over 750 titles maybe only 50 titles have gone missing and then maybe only 30 of them are irreplaceable .......So hint hint if you have any signed out or not signed out materials.