Thursday, November 4, 2010

you are in the right place!

Hey Hey Hey, Don't worry yer pretty little head, you are in the right place. Hamilton Zine Library has had a location and name change to The Arrow Archive in Guelph. We are under going a few changes so hang tight and we will get our shit back together soon! and we have a new email! woot woot! Who loves the cyber paper trail!

and for you who are new: Arrow Archive originally opened in The Steel City (Hamilton, Ontario) as The Hamilton Zine Library. HZL opened in fall 2007 at the Sky Dragon Center based on a small personal collection. The HZL made a reluctant but needed move in fall 2010. The Arrow Archive now lives and thrives in Guelph, Ontario. The Arrow has now grown to over 900 titles and is still growing.

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