Wednesday, December 17, 2008

more from the world wide web

'we didn't set out to make a movie, we set out to make a revolution'
Naomi Jaffe on the weather underground

the art and science

Weeping Willow
Herbal Remedies and much much more

Excited Delirium
guide to less lethal weaponry

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

links to pdf zines!
have a look around at all these loverly zine titles, all in pdf format. hundreds of zines under many many topics including;Anarchism,Anarchist History,Animal Liberation,Anti-Fascist,Art,Class,Cooking,DIY,Gender,Health,Media,Miscellaneous,Movements,Music,Organizing Manuals,Personal,Political Prisoners,Primitivism,Prisons and Police,Queer/LGBTI, Race,Socialism,Theory, War and Imperialism.

some real good stuff out there but don't let it stop you from using snail mail to communicate with zinesters and distros, i have never met a zinester that didn't like mail!