Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Erotica Nite open mic

We haven't had one in years....gear up and get your home spun smut ready for Erotica Nite Open Mic at the Sky Dragon. Sarah, Fagpunk, and Millie will be your gracious hosts for this up cumming special evening. This event is free but we will be passing the hat for the Hamilton Zine library to buy a subcription of rolling thunder and a microcosm order.... Cum out and enjoy Drink Specials and performance art! Sing a song, perform a skit, read your sensual creations, or just cum to watch the sexy explosion that is Erotica Nite Open Mic.

October 8
Sky Dragon

Catalog is Done!

woot woot i have finished the catalog, now i just have to figure out what to do with it. make a zine out of it i guess! heh.
There are over 550 titles in the library. I am going to start going though the library to see what is missing, i know a few things have grown legs....:(

and in new news there is a radical childcare collective in hamilton! link link!
check it out.