Monday, December 16, 2013

Anarchism and Hope

Anarchism and Hope is new writings from Aaron Lakoff who I had the pleasure of meeting at this years Toronto Anarchist Bookfair.  I'll be adding this tresure to the archive in the new year and it will hopefully be reviewed here soon! keep an eye out! Here is alittle about Aaron:

Aaron is the author of the zine “Anarchism and Hope”. He is a radio journalist, DJ and community organizer living in Montreal, trying to map the constellations between reggae, soul and a liberated world. His writings, radio reports, and other musings are on his blog at

Dear Zine Club

Dear Zine Club,
I love you.....
If you didn't know it but a few folks in Guelph have started a zine club. Members have decided to  challenge each other by making a zine a month for a whole year, pictured above are a few of the zines that were made for the first month including the Zine Club passport made by zine club member Sirens of a Violent Storm Press. The Passport is super exciting because Guelph zine club has added some extra challenges to making a zine a month and inside the passport you can keep track of challenges you have met. Zine Club Guelph was inspired by Zine Club Hamilton who have just about finished their first year of zine making, will they continue to make zines for another year? I hope so!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Hamilton video-zine

When the punks in Hamilton do some thing, they do it big. Just announced this event will be celebrating the release of Hamilton's newest video-zine "Everywhere Else Makes me Sick" which documents Hamilton's Punk scene. Visit the blog to get all the details of who playing what show and where. 
The zine will be in analogue format with a DIY screen printed cover, yes kittens dust off your VHS players for some punk rock fun. 
If you like local punk scenes and DIY shows, Hamilton is the place to be this New Years. See you there!