Tuesday, May 20, 2008

and now from the Montreal Bookfair

Resistance 2010
big ol' bi- lingual Zine about 2010 olympics resistance

by the down there health collective
from Washington DC
zine all about HPV and sexual health

One Way Ticket #5

by Julian
Travilin' zine! boy do i love travilin zines!

Queers Read This

by Anon. Queers
the truth and being queer

Queer Tribes
Sexy fagg Zine in french
cuddle up with yer favorite francophone gay and read away!

What is OCAP?

basic info about yer local coalition against poverty



Fun is Free Press

Montreal 8th annual Anarchist Bookfair 2008

New Hamilton Zines

Sketchbag #1
by Jen Pilles
Beautiful Zine of Sketches and self epression

more more more Reasons to Riot
by pink ink
poety and prose

This pace between us
by andrea K bennett
Art and poetry!