Thursday, February 11, 2010

Missing Zines

so a list has been made, if you know where i can find copies of these zines let me know, if you have the library's copies laying around at yer house let me know.....
i have many thoughts on why these are the titles missing, some one found it offensive, super cool, or just forgot to return, all of which are not reasons to keep other library patrons form accessing material....any way here goes:

The List of missing zines....
1. vivisection:science or sham (found) to nature by kriss foster
3.Bots, Bolts,&Birds 1 and 2 by jesse rayburn
4.Tag Font by Mirko Kuruc
5. coloring book of the broken hearted by sy loady(found)
6.trains, bikes, and automobiles by ten foot rule with surplus in excess by sy loady (found!)
8. free society
9.with love from me to you
10.we need to eat (found!)
11.walking the edge of sanity
12. stories of the raccoon/bear people
13.upping the anti #2
14.Green Nazi
15.Auto Struggles
16. Baby I'm a manarchist
17. black heart #6
18 if death comes #5

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