Monday, October 14, 2013

ACT Dinner!

The Arrow Archive was invited to table at the 9th annual Anti-Colonial Thanksgiving Dinner. So we will be there with info about the library and and a box of free zines for folks to dig through. 
The Dinner is on Friday Oct 18th Guelph Youth Music Center 75 Cardigan St. at 5:30

If you don't know about the ACT dinner here is some info from their Face Book Page:
The ACT dinner brings together native and non-native people to share food, stories and deepen a political analysis of Canada’s ongoing legacy of genocide and exploitation of Indigenous people and the land. The dinner hopes to serve as a venue where attendees can continue to explore the life long process of decolonization on an individual basis, in the relationships we share and this land base known as Guelph.

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