Friday, February 6, 2015

Micro Grant for BIPOC Zinesters!

Arrow Archive is proud to present  a Micro Zine Making Grant for BIPOC ( Black, Indigenous, Persons Of Color) Zinesters.

It is our goal is to provide a small monetary supplement ($100) to a successful applicant to use to make a zine on any topic they wish. The purpose of this micro grant is to provide resources to marginalized voices to express themselves in the self publishing (zine making) format.

This micro-grant is for zines not published yet. Submissions will be reviewed by a small collective of folks from the BIPOC and Zine making community.

In your application please state the title, theme, size, distribution size of your planned zine and anything else important to the creation of your zine. Please send any questions and applications to:

deadline: APRIL 3rd 2015!

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