Monday, April 14, 2014

new zines!

Okay so I spent more time behind the table then out looking at zine type things this kazoo! Print Expo. These two zines are from the folks that tabled next to me. Radical Self Healing was from Thigh High Club house who tabled next to me. Its a great zine made by Jessica Montebello. The other is a zine I got from Gillian Manford (you know her from the dwtn public library where she works as a clerk) and is about Canada and all its glimmer and glammer, long roads, roads that lead to the north to the west and to the east.  Look fer reviews of these zines soon! all in all Kazoo! Print Expo was alright, it wasn't shitty and well it wasn't amazing I am glad to have met the folks I tabled next to and as a result my personal disto "Look Mum!" made some sweet trades! Oh, and the Arrow Archive had a lollipop pull to raise funds which it did, mmmm sweets

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