Monday, February 10, 2014

long time no post

It's been a very long time that I have posted anything here on the Arrow Archive blog, since December. Over the winter break I had all these dreams of catching up on inputting zines in to the library data base, organizing the boxes and creating anew blog for my own distro (Look Mum!) and now that it's almost mid February I gotta get back on track. Over the Winter break we had lots of donations and I'll get them catalogued soon and if there are any real goodies I'll post them here. 
What the heck have I have been up to? Well other then getting The Hissing Goose back on track, a few pals and I have organized a Zine Club, evey month we hangout share a zine we made that month and eat snacks. It's pretty fun and a great way to scare away the winter blues. Zine Club!

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James said...

We love you Arrow Archive !!!