Friday, March 8, 2013

OCAD Zine Fair

So I left work early to hop a bus  to the OCAD Zine Fair. I was worried that it wouldn't be worth the time, I was proved wrong. The Event was small with just under 20 tables and many of those tables held crafts and prints.  I set up in a dark hallway next to an other unfortunate couple of zinesters. The enthusiasm for the zine was defiantly in the air. Even as I set up the Two tables I signed up for ( look mum! and Arrow Archive) I had a interested party purchase a stack of photocopied zines from me and from then on folks ventured down our dimly lit hall way and got excited about what we had to distro. Not many folks knew we have a zine library here in Guelph and I helped get the wred out! We may soon have some visitors from Toronto.

Here is a little gem I picked up at the fair.... hand sceen printed.... ooohh la la

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