Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cindy Crabb event & NEW ZINES!

If you missed it the Cindy Crabb event is Guelph was super great! It was well attended, even some folks came down from Hamilton! Whoot Whoot. Everything went smoothly. First Adriana Blake talked about her online and small press comic projects, find her stuff here:
Then Maranda Elizabeth read a few heartfelt pages from her latest installment of Telegram ma'am. Then Cindy read a few of her favotires from her new book. Cindy, Maranda, and Adriana all interacted with the audience answering questions and telling stories about their creations.

so Cindy donated a load of zines to the zine library!
Doris #21,22,27,25,23,28,26

and also from her personal distro,

filling the void - interviews about quitting drinking and using
mend my dress
sixteen - 16 poems by a 16 year old
shotgun seamstress #3 and #5- zine made by and for black punks, queers, artists and musicians
ask first
Navigating the space between brilliance and madness - an Icarus Project

Also at the event Maranda read a few pages from her zines and donated to the zine library her latest!

little acorns #5- marands's 24 hour zine
telegram ma'am - strealing lilacs the zine she read from at the event... oh so good!
telegram ma'am #20

got some good reading here!

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