Thursday, August 6, 2009


huge donation was left at the zine library today, whoa! i don't know who left all this wonderful stuff, I've got it all in the data base, so it is now ready for lending.
there are some super awesome things in this pile of goodies:

Cheese boy, a well drawn quick comic about a punkrocker who likes to drink and be a bastard.
and loads of feminist lit for all to enjoy, like C.U.N.T and Mohawk Pussy

huge thank you to the anonymous donor!


Meagan Marly said...

It's weird how you can't just send messages to users on here?
haha, uhm email your address to and I'll send you a copy of my first zine.
The cabinet is like.. bigger than the back of a normal sized truck. haha

Trapeze Tease said...

I'd like some more info on donating too-I have some zines I can drop off or mail in.