Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sy Loady is my new best Friend

Through ancient ways of the zine and diy magic, i have made contacts with a prolific zinester from San Fransisco these are just some of the titles that where sent in trade to the library:

BoxCar Debauchery
by:sarah and veronika
oh dear, a sweaty story about two dirty hobos.

Coloring book for the Broken hearted
by: Sy Loady
screen printed cover with pages for any broken hearted lover to fill with color.
(please photocopy the pages you'd like to color don not color the zine... tx)

Page Zine #1
by: homegirl
Fan zine about the history of the new kids on the block, yes you read the right.

Go Fuck Yourself
by:Annie Danger
second copy of this fabulous DIY zine.
(no this don't mean you can take the other copy home for good... tx)

BOY/GIRL zine #4
issue four of this popular zine. enjoy, you gender questioning people!

The Orafice #1 and #2
From San Francisco
the Paper for the people, a queer community paper

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Unknown said...

Hey I know this is an old post, but I'm wondering if you're still active? You're the only result that pops up if I search boxcar debauchery in Google. Any chance you still have that Zine? I'm trying to track down a copy, digital or paper. Hit me up!